Aug 12th, 2018
New Kim Kang, Charli, 1 Finesse, 1 Jaime Fetti.mp4



Jul 29th, 2018
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Jul 15th, 2018
New Model Olivia Kassady, Kimmy Kang, 1 Lola Boricua & 1 Li Golden.mp4

Jul 1st, 2018
New Charli, Vixen Vanity, 1 Jaime Fetti, 1 Lady Free & 1 Robyn.mp4

Mar 19th, 2017
New Charli, Robyn with a Y, 1 Jaime Fetti
, 1 Kimberly Chi & 1 Lady Free.mp4

Feb 6th, 2017
New Robyn with a Y, Vixen Vanity, 1 Kimberly Chi & 1 Li Golden.mp4

Jan 15th, 2017
New Jaime Fetti, Charli, 1 Cubana, 1 Li Golden & 1 Finesse.mp4

Jan 1st, 2017
New Robyn, Li Golden, 1 Kimberly Chi, 1 Lola Boricua & 1 Lady Free.mp4

Nov 20th, 2016
New Model Jaime Fetti, Kimberly Chi, 1 Cali & 1 Lola Boricua.mp4

Nov 13th, 2016
New Lola Boricua, Charli, 1 Kimberly Chi, 1 Lexi Jaxson & 1 Shani.m

Sep 18th, 2016
New Vixen Vanity, Lexi Jaxson, 1 Charli & 1 Li Golden.mp4

Sep 4th, 2016
New Li Golden, 1 Cubana Swallows & Lola Boricua.mp4

Aug 28th, 2016
New Charli, Shani, Kimberly Chi & Lola Boricua.mp4

Aug 7th, 2016
New Robyn with a Y, Lady Free, 1 Cubana & 1 Shani.mp4

Jul 24th, 2016
New Kimberly Chi, Lola Boricua, 1 Charli& 1 Finesse.mp4

Jul 10th, 2016
New Cali, Finesse, 1 Cubana Swallows & 1 Shani.mp4

Jul 3rd, 2016
Charli, Li Golden, 1 Lady Free & 1 Lexi Jaxson.mp4

Jun 19th, 2016
NEW Lola Boricua, Zara Ryan, 1 Finesse & 1 Shani.mp4

Jun 5th, 2016
NEW Kimberly Chi, Shani, 1 Scarlett DeMitro & 1 Cubana Swallows.mp4

May 29th, 2016
NEW Model Li Golden, Robyn, Cubana Swallows, 1 Cali, 1 Charli & 1 Zara Ryan.mp4

May 1st, 2016
NEW Model Lola Boricua, Finesse, Free & Kimberly Chi, 1 Ariel, 1 Charli, 1 Cubana & 1 Lexi Jaxson.mp4

Apr 10th, 2016
NEW Cubana Swallows, Charli, 1 Lexi Jaxson, 1 Scarlett DeMitro & 1 Zara Ryan.mp4

Mar 27th, 2016
NEW Model Kimberly Chi, Scarlett, 1 Cali, 1 Charli & 1 Lexi.mp4

Mar 13th, 2016
NEW Ariel, Zara Ryan, 1 Charli & 1 Cubana.mp4

Feb 28th, 2016
NEW Free, Cali, 1 Ariel, 1 Lexi Jaxson & 1 Shani.mp4

Feb 14th, 2016
NEW Charli, Lexi Jaxson, 1 Cali & 1 Cubana.mp4

Feb 2nd, 2016
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Jan 17th, 2016
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Jan 10th, 2016
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Dec 20th, 2015
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Dec 13th, 2015
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Nov 29th, 2015
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Nov 22th, 2015
NEW Cubana Swallows, Lexi Jaxson, 1 Bugatti Bubbles & 1 Yesenia.mp4

Nov 15th, 2015
NEW Model Shani, Yesenia, 1 Ariel & 1 Lexi Jaxson.mp4

Nov 8th, 2015
NEW Charli, Zara, 1 Chyna & 1 Yesenia.mp4

Oct 25th, 2015
NEW Ariel, Lexi Jaxson, 1  Nia Bangz, 1 Vixen Vanity & 1 Zara Ryan.mp4

Oct 11th, 2015
NEW Bugatti Bubbles, Charli, 1 Scarlett DeMitro & 1 Chyna.mp4

Oct 4th, 2015
NEW Alex Tanner, Scarlett DeMitro, 1 Bugatti Bubbles & 1 Vixen Vanity.mp4

Sep 20th, 2015
NEW Model Lexi Jaxson, Chyna, 1 Bugatti Bubbles & 1 Nia Bangz.m

Sep 13rd, 2015
NEW Bugatti Bubbles, Robyn, 1 Alex Tanner & 1 Chyna.mp4

Sep 6th, 2015
NEW Model Zara Ryan, Yesenia, 1 Chyna, 1 Nia & 1 Scarlett.mp4

Aug 30th, 2015
NEW Alex, Charli, 1 Scarlett & 1 Vixen.mp4

Aug 23rd, 2015
NEW Scarlett, Charlotte, 1 Alex, 1 Charli & 1 Nia.mp4

Aug 16th, 2015
NEW Chyna, Eva, 1 Bugatti, 1 Kendall & 1 Vanity.mp4

Aug 9th, 2015
NEW Becca, Vixen, 1 Alex, 1 Cubana & 1 Nia.mp4

Aug 2nd, 2015
NEW Alex Tanner, Charli,1 Bugati Bubbles, 1 Chyna & 1 Charlotte O'Ryan.mp4

Jul 26th, 2015
NEW Bugatti Bubbles, Yesenia, 1 Cubana Swallows, 1 Eva & 1 Vixen Vanity.mp4

Jul 19th, 2015
NEW Nia, Eva, Lola, Scarlett, 1 Charli, 1 Charlotte, 1 Kendall, 1 Robyn.mp4

Jul 12th, 2015
NEW Chyna, Charlotte, Cubana, Vixen, 1 Charli, 1 Kendall, 1 Nia & 1 Robyn.mp4

Jul 5th, 2015
NEW Alex, Becca, Charli, Kendall, 1 Charlotte, 1 Cubana, 1 Eva & 1 Robyn.mp4

June 28th, 2015
NEW Model Yesenia, Mazzaratie, Bugatti, Lola, 1 Nia, 1 Alana, 1 Charlotte & 1 Kat.mp4

June 21st, 2015
NEW Nia, Alana, Erika, Eva, 1 Charli, 1 Kendall, 1 Lola & Mazzarati.mp4

June 14th, 2015
NEW Model Scarlet Demitro, Cubana, Ophelia, Robyn, 1 Brittany, 1 Charli, 1 Eva & 1 Kendall.mp4

June 7th, 2015
NEW Vixen, Brittany, Charlotte, Savannah, 1 Brooke, 1 Charli, 1 Cubana & 1 Robyn.mp4

May 31st, 2015
NEW Model Alex Tanner, Becca, Gia, Toni, 1 Charli, 1 Charlotte, 1 Cubana & 1 Eva.mp4

May 24th, 2015
NEW Kendall Krave, Chyna, Dahlia Drake, Eva, 1 Charli, 1 Charlotte O'Ryan, 1 Gia Paige & 1 Robyn.mp4

May 17th, 2015
NEW Model Bugatti Bubbles,
Charli, Alana, Lola, 1 Brittany, 1 Charlotte, 1 Eva & 1 Robyn.mp4

May 10th, 2015
NEW Cadence, Cubana, Robyn, Sunshyne, 1 Charli, 1 Dahlia, 1 Eva & 1 Jayden.mp4

May 3rd, 2015
NEW Model Vixen Vanity, Charlotte, Nia, Savannah, 1 Charli, 1 Cubana, 1 Eva and 1 Robyn.mp4

Apr 26th, 2015
NEW Becca, Brittany, Kendall, Toni, 1 Alana, 1 Charli, 1 Monica & 1 Robyn.mp4

Apr 19th, 2015
NEW Charli, Eva, Gia Paige, Lola Vaughn, 1 Alana Luv, 1 Brittany Shae, 1 Cubana Swallows & 1 Robyn.mp4

Apr 12th, 2015
NEW Robyn with a Y, Alana Luv, Cubana Swallows, Sunshyne, 1 Brooke, 1 Brittany Shae, 1 Jaydenn Starr & 1 Lola.mp4

Apr 5th, 2015
NEW Model Nia Bangz, Brooke, Charlotte, Jayden, 1 Charli, 1Gia, 1 Ophelia & 1 Shay.mp4

Mar 30th, 2015
NEW Brittany, Dahlia, Savannah, Toni, 1 Charli, 1 Gigi, 1 Jayden & 1 Lola.m

Mar 23rd, 2015
NEW Model Kendall Krave, Becca, Charli, Vienna, 1 Brooke, 1 Cubana, 1 Lola & 1 Monica.mp4

Mar 15th, 2015
NEW Lola, Cubana, Eva, Gia, 1 Alana, 1 Brooke, 1 Dahlia & 1 Erika.mp4

Mar 8th, 2015
NEW Model Charlotte O'Ryan, Alana, Robyn, Sunshyne, 1 Gia, 1 Kat, 1 Ophelia & 1 Shay.mp4

Mar 1st, 2015
NEW Jayden Starr, Brooke, Cadence Lux, Rosa, 1 Erika Devine, 1 Gigi, 1 Mazzaratie Monica & 1 Shay.mp4

Feb 22nd, 2015
NEW Model Brittany Shae, Charli, Dahlia, Ophelia, 1 Carmen, 1 Cadence, 1 Katt & 1 Nydia.p4

Feb 15th, 2015
NEW Becca, Carmen, Gia, Pocahontas, 1 Cadence, 1 Erika, 1 Gigi, 1 Monica.mp4

Feb 8th, 2015
NEW Model Lola Vaughn, Cubana, Fairy, Robyn, 1 Ariel, 1 Carmen, 1 Gia & 1 Kali.mp4

Feb 1st, 2015
NEW Brooke, Ariel, Monica, Rosa, 1 Carmen, 1 Dahlia, 1 Gigi & 1 Kat.mp4


Jan 25th, 2015
NEW Model Alana Luv, Cadence, Danielle, Sunshyne, 1 Cubana, 1 Gigi, 1 Gia & 1 Shay.mp4

Jan 18th, 2015
NEW Gia, Bethany, Charli, Erika, 1 Baby, 1 Mazzaratie, Ophelia & 1 Shay.mp4

Jan 11th, 2015
NEW Model Jayden Starr, Becca, Cha Cha, Ophelia, 1 Ariel, 1 Carmen, Dahlia & Katt.mp4

Jan 5th, 2015
NEW Carmen Capri, Dahlia Drake, Jessie, Robyn, 1 Ariel, 1 Candence Lux, 1 Erika Devine & 1 Kali.mp4

Dec 28th, 2014
NEW Model Brooke, Ariel, Fairy, Nydia, 1 Baby, 1 Cubana, 1 Dahlia & 1 Mazzaratie.mp4

Dec 21st, 2014
NEW Cadence, Mazzaratie, Rosa, Sunshyne, 1 Autumn, 1 Kali, 1 Ophelia & 1 Yamilla.mp4

Dec 14th, 2014
NEW Model Gia Page, Cubana, Erika, Holly, 1 Ariel, 1 Cadence, 1 DR Lust & 1 Mazzaratie.mp4

Dec 7th, 2014
NEW Ophelia, Becca, Robyn, Savannah, 1 Carmen, 1 Cubana, 1 Jessie & 1 Vienna.mp4

Nov 30th, 2014
NEW Model Dahlia Drake, Carmen, Cha Cha, Chyna, 1 Cubana, 1 Erika, 1 Mazzaratie & 1 Ophelia.mp4

Nov 23rd, 2014
NEW Charli, Jada, Jessie, Sunshyne, 1 Cubana, 1 Erika, 1 Mazzaratie & 1 Savanah.mp4

Nov 16th, 2014
NEW Model Cadence Lux, Mazzaratie, Leilani, Vienna, 1 Carmen, 1 Jada, 1 Natalia & 1 Savannah.mp4

Nov 9th, 2014
NEW Savannah, Cubana, Erika, Savannah, 1 Danielle, 1 Gogo, 1 Gabrielle & 1 Leilani.mp4

Nov 2nd, 2014
NEW Model Ophelia Rain, Danielle, Gabriella, Natalia, 1 Autumn, 1 Charli, 1 Robyn & 1 Vienna.mp4

Oct 26th, 2014
NEW Carmen, Chyna, Gogo, Robyn, 1 Jada, 1 Monica, 1 Natalia & 1 Vienna.mp4

Oct 19th, 2014
NEW Vienna, Cha Cha, Charli, Sunshyne, 1 Danielle, 1 Jesse, 1 Monica & 1 Robyn.mp4






















































































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See more of Cherokee
Model 50! Introducing Cherokee D'ass. Heir Apparent of ASR/UVP forums did the leg work for this. Happs simply noticed she would be in New York, notified me. I got her contact number, called, Cherokee called back and I missed her. Shit happens. Happs stayed on the job and alerted me again of her return to NYC. I called Cherokee again, talked her in to coming up to the Bronx for a photo shoot. Hours later, D' Ass hops out of a cab on White Plains Road in the BX. Nothing short of fine, Cherokee sits on a 10

See more of Beauty
Meet Beauty. Yes, the adult entertainment star. My man Buck alerted me she was in town. I asked Buck, "How could I get down?" He said he would pass my number to her. She never called. Fortunately for me, I had her girls number. So, I summoned enough courage and gave her girl a call. We worked out an arrangement, where she would hop in a cab and come see a brother in the Bronx before she was scheduled to be at some club in Manhattan. Needless to say, she arrived at the club late. Beauty holds an 7.5

Ms. Kay
See more of Ms. Kay
Meet Ms. Kay. Yes, a slim one. Every now and again, I do that. Don't fret, she has booty. This young lady was brought to us by Buck. He showed me a picture of her bubble and I said sure why not. So, Buck brought her to the CLUBBUTTS studio and sat on my session. When it came to the video segment, (which I know you guys will enjoy) I handed my camera over to Buck, so he could teach me a thing or two. All I can say is both Buck and Ms. Kay impressed me. Ms Kay (Model 48.. if anyone's counting) is a 7

See more of Fire
Meet Fire. My man Chappa found this ROUND booty lady and brought her to my attention, complete with pictures and telephone number (Recruiters take heed). After checking pictures, I called Fire and set up an introduction meeting at Burke Avenue. She came through dragging a butt that I just could not say no to. We shared some laughs and set up a date for a photo shoot session at the CLUBBUTTS studio. A few days later, I wait patiently for Fire to come out her clothes. Flash, Flash!!! Fire sits on a mean 9

See more of Kalia
Meet Kalia. I ran into this BIG booty Latina on Gun Hill Road in the Bronx. I seen her package (ass), called her near and of course, gave her a CLUBBUTTS business card. Months went by, seasons changed, before this Super booty lady called the CLUBBUTTS hotline. I set up a meeting place again at Gun Hill Road to refresh my memory of Kalia. When she showed up... underneath my breath, I said Oh DAMN! A few days later, Kalia was at the studio. Kalia has a serious bubble on our scales, she's a 10.

See more of Vanessa
Meet Vanessa. I met this young lady at Burke Avenue in the Bronx. She just got off the train, sporting some tight assed jeans. I called her near and gave her a CLUBBUTTS card. She took the card, turned back and asked, "This you?" I took my eyes off her butt and nodded, "Yes, it is." A few days later, the CLUBBUTTS hotline rings. I set up a place to meet, so I could explain the rules of CLUBBUTTS to Vanessa. A few days later, Vanessa was on the set coming out of them tight assed jeans. Vanessa holds an 8.

See more of Caren
Meet Caren. This is the Network circle at work. Caren is from Florida. You might have seen her on some of them Florida websites. Well, Caren gets to state-trotting, she alerts Buck that she will be passing thru New York, Buck alerts me. She comes to the Bronx to see CLUBBUTTS then goes to Queens to see Buck, making her visit to New York worthwhile (Big booty models take heed ). Caren, despite her slim frame was a breath of fresh air to work with. On the scales of CLUBBUTTS, Caren is sitting on a 7.

See more of Unique
Meet Unique. Super Booty Charmin ran into Unique in the club, being the extraordinary recruiter that she is, she called me and passed the phone to Unique. Unique slid me her number and told me to call. I did... over and over again, to no avail. Finally, I get in touch with this massive booty of a woman and we arrange a photo session at the CLUBBUTTS laboratory. She comes thru and my camera gets to flashing all over swollen booty. On our fine CLUBBUTTS scale, Unique's ass is a serious 10!

See more of Honey
Yes, it's that Honey. If you do not recognize this lady, shame on you! Buck provided me with this young lady contact information a while back and I had to wait patiently for her to set foot in NYC. Well, my patience paid off of course, because the very second she stepped in the NYC area, CLUBBUTTS was on it! I must add that Honey has to be the coolest lady in the adult business. It was all jokes and love as I teased her West coast accent and she teased my Bronx ways. Honey on our CLUBBUTTS scale is a sweet 9.

See more of Attractive
Meet Attractive. My man Chappa found this fox. Y'all remember him right? The cat that brought us Strawberry and Kendra. Yeah, I almost forgot him too! Anyways, Chappa sent me some pics of Attractive to me via email. Immediately after seeing them, I was sold on the idea of shooting this monster booty. I called Attractive on the phone to set up a session in the CLUBBUTTS studio and she came thru with that BIG butt of hers. Attractive was definitely fun to work. On the CLUBBUTTS scale, Attractive gets a 10.

See more of Chrissy
Meet Chrissy. I really don't know who to credit this find to. So, I will mention them all. First, my man Buck said, Yo Chrissy got a round butt. Then Italia Blue co-signed Buck a week later. So, I asked R from Trafic Productions and he said the same and supplied me with the telephone number or was that Buck? Anyways, here she is and I must admit I had no idea she was sitting on a bubble like that. All through the shoot, I kept telling Chrissy, "Damn, I did not know!" On the CLUBBUTTS' scale Chrissy's rocking an 8.5

Italia Blue
See more of Italia Blue
Meet Italia Blue. Yet, another fox brought to CLUBBUTTS via Buck Brothers Films. Go on and give that man an applause as he begins to rival Charmin in the recruiter department. Anyways, I kept calling this fox until she picked up the phone. Persistence overpowers resistance. Once she picked up the phone, Doley all in her ear with that CLUBBUTTS shit. We set up a photo shoot and I finally got to meet this fox. Not only was she cool folks but she's adorable. Doley was just a staring. Italia Blue is sitting on a pretty 7

See more of Dynasty
Meet Dynasty. This cute little lady is brought to us by our very own Chyna. I explained to Big Booty Chyna that she can make some extra monies by recruiting her big butt friends. Weeks go by, when I get a phone call from Chyna stating she has a model for CLUBBUTTS. I tell Chyna to bring her to Burke Ave in the Bronx, so I can get a looky-see. She does. After I get finished staring at Chyna's goodness and wipe away my drool. She introduces Dynasty to me. Dynasty is for the petite lovers and sits on a 7.

See more of Monique
Meet Monique. This pretty young lady comes courtesy of Buck One of BuckBrothersFilms. When we swapped models, I made sure I got this fox information (telephone number). I gave her a call, told her Buck referred her and asked her if she wanted some work. She said yes, of course. When I met Monique, I noticed she had an accent. I asked about it, in which she replied that she's African! Monique's ID and surname showed and proved that CLUBBUTTS just got Exotic! Oh yeah, Monique is sits on a 7

See more of Dream
Meet Dream. I met this fly young lady at 125th Street in good ol' Harlem, U.S.A. She was running about her business when I called her near to hand her a CLUBBUTTS business card. She took the card, said nothing and went on about her business. Later, that evening I check the CLUBBUTTS hotline to find out that Dream called. I called back and talked her into sending me some pictures via her cell phone to my email account. That's all it took, I was sold. Dream booty on the CLUBBUTTS scale is a 7.5

See more of Apple
Meet Apple. This round booty latina comes to me by way of Princess. During my last shoot with Princess, she expressed how she had someone for me with a nice booty. So, I put the pressure on Princess to show and prove until she finally coughed up the goods. Princess brought Apple to my set and I must say Apple has one of them CLUBBUTTS bubbles. So, behold CLUBBUTTS first Latina! On our scales, the infamous CLUBBUTTS scales, Apple sits on a round juicy 8

See more of India
Meet India. India came to us by way of our very own Charmin. India is originally from Ohio and it appears that she is globetrotting the U.S.A. booty bar circuit. Well, while visiting the Bronx, she runs into Charmin who puts her up on the infamous CLUBBUTTS.COM India puts in a call to yours truly, I set up a meeting point where I can  meet this young lady, check the goods and run down the rules and regulations of CLUBBUTTS. Once we were on the same page, photo shoot time. India joins CBs Big Beautiful Women team.

See more of China
Meet Chyna. I met this Fly young lady thru my man Buck of, he was checking my site, looking for models to work with and sliding me numbers in between. He told me who China was and I said... say word!?! My man Buck said hold on let me find her number. Two seconds later, Doley gots number! Next day, Doley on phone with Chyna and later that evening Chyna in the CLUBBUTTS studio. This young lady has a CLUBBUTTS certified 50 inch ass and on our scales.. China is a 10!

Diamond Kisses
See more of Diamond Kisses
Meet Diamond Kisses. She comes to us via Entice. I explained to Entice that she could make loot by recruiting her big booty friends. Well, a few days after our photo shoot, I get an unexpected call from DK. Not knowing who she was, I set up a meeting place at Prospect Ave in The Bronx. She arrived soon after sporting the right wears to showcase her ass. We get to yapping, when it's finally revealed that Entice sent her my way. Entice is on her job! A couple of days later, we had our photo shoot. DK has a mean one, a nice 9 on the CLUBBUTTS scale.

Entice girlpic
See more of Entice
Meet Entice. I met this fly young lady at 149th and 3rd Ave in the Bronx. I slid her one of my CLUBBUTTS business card, whispered the law to her and kept it moving. A couple of days later, Entice called. We set up a meeting place at Prospect Avenue where I could recall who she was and could make sure we were on the same page on what was about to go down. A few days later, Entice is at the studio doing her shoot. She's definitely a sexy lady who I can't wait to shoot again. On the CB scale she's rocking an 8.

See more of Rayne
Meet Rayne. I met this BIG butt shorty at Burke Ave in the Bronx. New to the Bronx via Brooklyn, she rolled up on me asking something about something. You know me, I'm not listening. I'm checking her frame and looking for my stash of  CLUBBUTTS cards. I gave her a card, then said huh? After I answered her question, we discussed CLUBBUTTS matters. A few days later she's standing in front of the lights. Rayne is definitely a thick hairy one. On the scales, her butt is a serious 8.5

See more of Carmel
Meet Carmel. I met this young lady with the round butt at 174th Street up in the Bronx. She was with her friend, I slid both of them a CLUBBUTTS card. Carmel did the "call back" thing. We met up at 149th Street and 3rd Ave to refresh my memory of her and plan a photo shoot. Unfortunately a couple of days after the shoot she called and said she does not want to model anymore. Damn. Well, life goes on. Anyways, on the CB scales, Carmel is holding a 7.5 

See More of Sapphire
Meet Sapphire. Yes, another BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN and another model whose name begins with S! I met this lovely BBW at Burke Avenue up in The Bronx. She walked by, I noticed her round bubble, excused myself, slid her a CLUBBUTTS card and fortunately she called back. You know my style.. I don't remember booties. So I asked her to pay me a visit, to refresh my memory. She came thru again. I asked Sapphire to turn around so I can get a look at her bubble. She did. I liked what I saw and scheduled a shoot.

See more of Sparkel
Introducing Sparkel. I met Sparkel at one of them underground functions that my mans Johnny Quick be taking me to. Dig, I gave Sparkel a card before but she paid me know mind but after I shoot Spice... Now, I'm legit all of a sudden! Let me get one of your cards, Sparkel says. So be it. Throw in a couple of weeks. Shoot time. I ask Sparkel to bring regular everyday outfits but she brings dancing outfits. Oh Well. On our scales Sparkel is a 7.

See more of Strawberry
Meet Strawberry! You folks know Strawberry, she can be found on other websites. Well, this is a Chopper find and a Chopper shoot, You know the cat that brought you Big Booty Kendra. It turns out that Chops and Strawberry go back like car seats. So this one was too easy, a simple phone call and a shoot. Now once again, I never met Strawberry. I never got the opportunity to study her butt nonetheless, we will bill Strawberry as a 10 in the butt department. 

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