Aug 12th, 2018
New Kim Kang, Charli, 1 Finesse, 1 Jaime Fetti.mp4



Jul 29th, 2018
New Jaime Fetti, Robyn, 1 Charli & 1 Shani.mp4

Jul 15th, 2018
New Model Olivia Kassady, Kimmy Kang, 1 Lola Boricua & 1 Li Golden.mp4

Jul 1st, 2018
New Charli, Vixen Vanity, 1 Jaime Fetti, 1 Lady Free & 1 Robyn.mp4

Mar 19th, 2017
New Charli, Robyn with a Y, 1 Jaime Fetti
, 1 Kimberly Chi & 1 Lady Free.mp4

Feb 6th, 2017
New Robyn with a Y, Vixen Vanity, 1 Kimberly Chi & 1 Li Golden.mp4

Jan 15th, 2017
New Jaime Fetti, Charli, 1 Cubana, 1 Li Golden & 1 Finesse.mp4

Jan 1st, 2017
New Robyn, Li Golden, 1 Kimberly Chi, 1 Lola Boricua & 1 Lady Free.mp4

Nov 20th, 2016
New Model Jaime Fetti, Kimberly Chi, 1 Cali & 1 Lola Boricua.mp4

Nov 13th, 2016
New Lola Boricua, Charli, 1 Kimberly Chi, 1 Lexi Jaxson & 1 Shani.m

Sep 18th, 2016
New Vixen Vanity, Lexi Jaxson, 1 Charli & 1 Li Golden.mp4

Sep 4th, 2016
New Li Golden, 1 Cubana Swallows & Lola Boricua.mp4

Aug 28th, 2016
New Charli, Shani, Kimberly Chi & Lola Boricua.mp4

Aug 7th, 2016
New Robyn with a Y, Lady Free, 1 Cubana & 1 Shani.mp4

Jul 24th, 2016
New Kimberly Chi, Lola Boricua, 1 Charli& 1 Finesse.mp4

Jul 10th, 2016
New Cali, Finesse, 1 Cubana Swallows & 1 Shani.mp4

Jul 3rd, 2016
Charli, Li Golden, 1 Lady Free & 1 Lexi Jaxson.mp4

Jun 19th, 2016
NEW Lola Boricua, Zara Ryan, 1 Finesse & 1 Shani.mp4

Jun 5th, 2016
NEW Kimberly Chi, Shani, 1 Scarlett DeMitro & 1 Cubana Swallows.mp4

May 29th, 2016
NEW Model Li Golden, Robyn, Cubana Swallows, 1 Cali, 1 Charli & 1 Zara Ryan.mp4

May 1st, 2016
NEW Model Lola Boricua, Finesse, Free & Kimberly Chi, 1 Ariel, 1 Charli, 1 Cubana & 1 Lexi Jaxson.mp4

Apr 10th, 2016
NEW Cubana Swallows, Charli, 1 Lexi Jaxson, 1 Scarlett DeMitro & 1 Zara Ryan.mp4

Mar 27th, 2016
NEW Model Kimberly Chi, Scarlett, 1 Cali, 1 Charli & 1 Lexi.mp4

Mar 13th, 2016
NEW Ariel, Zara Ryan, 1 Charli & 1 Cubana.mp4

Feb 28th, 2016
NEW Free, Cali, 1 Ariel, 1 Lexi Jaxson & 1 Shani.mp4

Feb 14th, 2016
NEW Charli, Lexi Jaxson, 1 Cali & 1 Cubana.mp4

Feb 2nd, 2016
NEW Cubana, Finesse, 1 Cali & 1 Zara Ryan.mp4

Jan 17th, 2016
NEW Free, Zara Ryan, 1 Alex Tanner, 1 Charli & 1 Cubana Swallows.mp4

Jan 10th, 2016
NEW Cali, Ariel, 1 Shani & 1 Yesenia.mp4

Dec 20th, 2015
NEW Model Finesse, Shani, 1 Ariel & 1 Charli.mp4

Dec 13th, 2015
NEW Alex Tanner, Charli, 1 Lexi Jaxson & 1 Yesenia.mp4 

Nov 29th, 2015
NEW Model Cali, Scarlett DeMitro, 1 Ariel & 1 Zara Ryan.mp4

Nov 22th, 2015
NEW Cubana Swallows, Lexi Jaxson, 1 Bugatti Bubbles & 1 Yesenia.mp4

Nov 15th, 2015
NEW Model Shani, Yesenia, 1 Ariel & 1 Lexi Jaxson.mp4

Nov 8th, 2015
NEW Charli, Zara, 1 Chyna & 1 Yesenia.mp4

Oct 25th, 2015
NEW Ariel, Lexi Jaxson, 1  Nia Bangz, 1 Vixen Vanity & 1 Zara Ryan.mp4

Oct 11th, 2015
NEW Bugatti Bubbles, Charli, 1 Scarlett DeMitro & 1 Chyna.mp4

Oct 4th, 2015
NEW Alex Tanner, Scarlett DeMitro, 1 Bugatti Bubbles & 1 Vixen Vanity.mp4

Sep 20th, 2015
NEW Model Lexi Jaxson, Chyna, 1 Bugatti Bubbles & 1 Nia Bangz.m

Sep 13rd, 2015
NEW Bugatti Bubbles, Robyn, 1 Alex Tanner & 1 Chyna.mp4

Sep 6th, 2015
NEW Model Zara Ryan, Yesenia, 1 Chyna, 1 Nia & 1 Scarlett.mp4

Aug 30th, 2015
NEW Alex, Charli, 1 Scarlett & 1 Vixen.mp4

Aug 23rd, 2015
NEW Scarlett, Charlotte, 1 Alex, 1 Charli & 1 Nia.mp4

Aug 16th, 2015
NEW Chyna, Eva, 1 Bugatti, 1 Kendall & 1 Vanity.mp4

Aug 9th, 2015
NEW Becca, Vixen, 1 Alex, 1 Cubana & 1 Nia.mp4

Aug 2nd, 2015
NEW Alex Tanner, Charli,1 Bugati Bubbles, 1 Chyna & 1 Charlotte O'Ryan.mp4

Jul 26th, 2015
NEW Bugatti Bubbles, Yesenia, 1 Cubana Swallows, 1 Eva & 1 Vixen Vanity.mp4

Jul 19th, 2015
NEW Nia, Eva, Lola, Scarlett, 1 Charli, 1 Charlotte, 1 Kendall, 1 Robyn.mp4

Jul 12th, 2015
NEW Chyna, Charlotte, Cubana, Vixen, 1 Charli, 1 Kendall, 1 Nia & 1 Robyn.mp4

Jul 5th, 2015
NEW Alex, Becca, Charli, Kendall, 1 Charlotte, 1 Cubana, 1 Eva & 1 Robyn.mp4

June 28th, 2015
NEW Model Yesenia, Mazzaratie, Bugatti, Lola, 1 Nia, 1 Alana, 1 Charlotte & 1 Kat.mp4

June 21st, 2015
NEW Nia, Alana, Erika, Eva, 1 Charli, 1 Kendall, 1 Lola & Mazzarati.mp4

June 14th, 2015
NEW Model Scarlet Demitro, Cubana, Ophelia, Robyn, 1 Brittany, 1 Charli, 1 Eva & 1 Kendall.mp4

June 7th, 2015
NEW Vixen, Brittany, Charlotte, Savannah, 1 Brooke, 1 Charli, 1 Cubana & 1 Robyn.mp4

May 31st, 2015
NEW Model Alex Tanner, Becca, Gia, Toni, 1 Charli, 1 Charlotte, 1 Cubana & 1 Eva.mp4

May 24th, 2015
NEW Kendall Krave, Chyna, Dahlia Drake, Eva, 1 Charli, 1 Charlotte O'Ryan, 1 Gia Paige & 1 Robyn.mp4

May 17th, 2015
NEW Model Bugatti Bubbles,
Charli, Alana, Lola, 1 Brittany, 1 Charlotte, 1 Eva & 1 Robyn.mp4

May 10th, 2015
NEW Cadence, Cubana, Robyn, Sunshyne, 1 Charli, 1 Dahlia, 1 Eva & 1 Jayden.mp4

May 3rd, 2015
NEW Model Vixen Vanity, Charlotte O'Ryan, Nia Bangz, Savannah Fox, 1 Charli, 1 Cubana Swallows, 1 Eva and 1 Robyn.mp4

Apr 26th, 2015
NEW Becca, Brittany, Kendall, Toni, 1 Alana, 1 Charli, 1 Monica & 1 Robyn.mp4

Apr 19th, 2015
NEW Charli, Eva, Gia Paige, Lola Vaughn, 1 Alana Luv, 1 Brittany Shae, 1 Cubana Swallows & 1 Robyn.mp4

Apr 12th, 2015
NEW Robyn with a Y, Alana Luv, Cubana Swallows, Sunshyne, 1 Brooke, 1 Brittany Shae, 1 Jaydenn Starr & 1 Lola.mp4

Apr 5th, 2015
NEW Model Nia Bangz, Brooke, Charlotte, Jayden, 1 Charli, 1Gia, 1 Ophelia & 1 Shay.mp4

Mar 30th, 2015
NEW Brittany, Dahlia, Savannah, Toni, 1 Charli, 1 Gigi, 1 Jayden & 1 Lola.m

Mar 23rd, 2015
NEW Model Kendall Krave, Becca, Charli, Vienna, 1 Brooke, 1 Cubana, 1 Lola & 1 Monica.mp4

Mar 15th, 2015
NEW Lola, Cubana, Eva, Gia, 1 Alana, 1 Brooke, 1 Dahlia & 1 Erika.mp4

Mar 8th, 2015
NEW Model Charlotte O'Ryan, Alana, Robyn, Sunshyne, 1 Gia, 1 Kat, 1 Ophelia & 1 Shay.mp4

Mar 1st, 2015
NEW Jayden Starr, Brooke, Cadence Lux, Rosa, 1 Erika Devine, 1 Gigi, 1 Mazzaratie Monica & 1 Shay.mp4

Feb 22nd, 2015
NEW Model Brittany Shae, Charli, Dahlia, Ophelia, 1 Carmen, 1 Cadence, 1 Katt & 1 Nydia.p4

Feb 15th, 2015
NEW Becca, Carmen, Gia, Pocahontas, 1 Cadence, 1 Erika, 1 Gigi, 1 Monica.mp4

Feb 8th, 2015
NEW Model Lola Vaughn, Cubana, Fairy, Robyn, 1 Ariel, 1 Carmen, 1 Gia & 1 Kali.mp4

Feb 1st, 2015
NEW Brooke, Ariel, Monica, Rosa, 1 Carmen, 1 Dahlia, 1 Gigi & 1 Kat.mp4


Jan 25th, 2015
NEW Model Alana Luv, Cadence, Danielle, Sunshyne, 1 Cubana, 1 Gigi, 1 Gia & 1 Shay.mp4

Jan 18th, 2015
NEW Gia, Bethany, Charli, Erika, 1 Baby, 1 Mazzaratie, Ophelia & 1 Shay.mp4

Jan 11th, 2015
NEW Model Jayden Starr, Becca, Cha Cha, Ophelia, 1 Ariel, 1 Carmen, Dahlia & Katt.mp4

Jan 5th, 2015
NEW Carmen Capri, Dahlia Drake, Jessie, Robyn, 1 Ariel, 1 Candence Lux, 1 Erika Devine & 1 Kali.mp4

Dec 28th, 2014
NEW Model Brooke, Ariel, Fairy, Nydia, 1 Baby, 1 Cubana, 1 Dahlia & 1 Mazzaratie.mp4

Dec 21st, 2014
NEW Cadence, Mazzaratie, Rosa, Sunshyne, 1 Autumn, 1 Kali, 1 Ophelia & 1 Yamilla.mp4

Dec 14th, 2014
NEW Model Gia Page, Cubana, Erika, Holly, 1 Ariel, 1 Cadence, 1 DR Lust & 1 Mazzaratie.mp4

Dec 7th, 2014
NEW Ophelia, Becca, Robyn, Savannah, 1 Carmen, 1 Cubana, 1 Jessie & 1 Vienna.mp4

Nov 30th, 2014
NEW Model Dahlia Drake, Carmen, Cha Cha, Chyna, 1 Cubana, 1 Erika, 1 Mazzaratie & 1 Ophelia.mp4

Nov 23rd, 2014
NEW Charli, Jada, Jessie, Sunshyne, 1 Cubana, 1 Erika, 1 Mazzaratie & 1 Savanah.mp4

Nov 16th, 2014
NEW Model Cadence Lux, Mazzaratie, Leilani, Vienna, 1 Carmen, 1 Jada, 1 Natalia & 1 Savannah.mp4

Nov 9th, 2014
NEW Savannah, Cubana, Erika, Savannah, 1 Danielle, 1 Gogo, 1 Gabrielle & 1 Leilani.mp4

Nov 2nd, 2014
NEW Model Ophelia Rain, Danielle, Gabriella, Natalia, 1 Autumn, 1 Charli, 1 Robyn & 1 Vienna.mp4

Oct 26th, 2014
NEW Carmen, Chyna, Gogo, Robyn, 1 Jada, 1 Monica, 1 Natalia & 1 Vienna.mp4

Oct 19th, 2014
NEW Vienna, Cha Cha, Charli, Sunshyne, 1 Danielle, 1 Jesse, 1 Monica & 1 Robyn.mp4






















































































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... and MORE Models!

See more of Thundaa
Meet Thundaa. Model 75, if you are counting. This young lady was brought to us by my mans Carlo. We kind of have a cool system, after he's finished shooting them (if he opts to), he simply throws them on a train and point them in my direction. Get Money 101. Anyways, back in the days a simple train ride to 241st Street and you was in CLUBBUTTS land. Nowadays, a taxi ride is in order once touching ground at  241st Street to get to the home of CLUBBUTTS.  Once here, FLASH, FLASH, FLASH all on that ass. Enjoy!

See more of Denise
Meet Denise. I met Denise at Simpson St around the same time I met Lady Jaye. Every time I thought I had this bubble butt lady ready for a shoot, something would go wrong. Her phone would die, or she'd get cold feet, it had to be something.  Some time goes by, I happened to be at Freeman St and decided to give her phone a ring but it's off. Minutes later, she comes walking by. I mean, what are the chances? Fate? I can't call it but I knew I wasn't going to let this big booty mama get away this time!  Ass... 10!

See more of Alize
Meet Alize. I get a call from Harlem saying they have a model from Philly, and to stand by my phone. Minutes later, Alize calls the CLUBBUTTS hotline explaining her visit to New York and when she plans on returning to Philadelphia. We set up a date for the shoot. When that day arrives, Alize calls saying someone is coming with her. That's a no no! Fortunately, it's the Underground King Rambo. After some minor train delays, Alize and Rambo show up to my set escorted by Carlo of fame.

See more of Falisha
Meet Falisha. Falisha is from the Bronx and brought to us via my man Carlo. I have been shooting a lot of Carlo's ladies lately. It's to the point where I don't even question their looks. Simply, where are you from and when are you available? That's basically how it went, a little phone tag until we get on the same page, an invitation and FLASH!!! all on that ass at the CLUBBUTTS lab. Falisha was definitely a cutie with a mean booty and some serious knockers too (for the knockers lovers)! 

See more of Anonymous
Meet Anonymous. Anonymous resides in Queens. She gave me a ring asking about work. I explained the particulars of CLUBBUTTS to her. I also explained that CLUBBUTTS is the "Girl Next Door" site not a exotic dancer site, bring your everyday wears, you know that tight shit that have the men falling over themselves. Like Sparkle (see Lounge page 2), she heard me but paid me no mind, and stepped on my set with dancing outfits... sighs. Mama said there would be days like this. Whatever, one and done.

See more of Angie
Meet Angie. Model 70! CLUBBUTTS opened it's doors waaay back in 2004. Scary enough, I dont see any end to this but anyways.. Angie is brought to us via Boston's own Mia. Yes, "The bring your friends the next time you come" method. Whatever man, it works! Mia explained to me she had a buddy. I explained to Mia that I need to see her buddy. I then guided Mia and Angie to Freeman St. in the BX for a quick look. I approved what I saw and extended Angie an invitation to the CLUBBUTTS studio in Yonkers.

See more of Q45
Meet Q45. That's what she told me, I replied that sounds like a Queens bus line. We laughed. A NYCM vet sent to my doorsteps by them Harlem Brothers. Me being the slow brother that I am, did not immediately recognize this young lady. I mean she looked familiar but I could not pin point her. Even her ass looked familiar but... Infiniti? Is that you? Q45.. I get it! We laughed again. Well, Q45's definitely is a cutie with a lot of ass. Stay tuned as we see if we can get this good girl to turn naughty for CLUBBUTTS! 

See more of Mia
Meet Mia. This Bostonian babe comes to us via them Harlem Boys from Yes, when my recruiters are Missing In Action (dig that) or sending me on dead leads, them Harlem cats come through lovely every time. After a few back and forths on the phone, I managed to get this sexy young lady to the NEW CLUBBUTTS laboratory. That White Plains Rd. spot was turning too seedy for CLUBBUTTS, I had to go. Anyways, like MOST out of towners, Mia was fun to work with. She sits on an 8.

See more of Naomi
Meet Naomi. I met Naomi St. Claire in Florence, Kentucky... I think. Yes, CLUBBUTTS does America! Let's call it the CLUBBUTTS Road Trip. Anyways, upon entering the Bluegrass State, I sent out some emails and dialed some telephone numbers to alert the natives that CLUBBUTTS was in town, camera in tow. Naomi stepped up and came to the Hyatt for a shoot. Minus my lights, we turned the Hyatt into CLUBBUTTS studio as Naomi and Kentucky showed us some love. The CLUBBUTTS Road Trip is not over!

See more of Vanessa
Meet Vanessa. While on the phone with ( I'm giving them a models information), I hear "I had this Spanish lady with a big ass for you." I say to myself... had ? After hearing the "how she became a had" story, I convinced them to let me try. I gave Vanessa a call, introduced myself and explained to her the concept of CLUBBUTTS. After a brief game of phone tag, I managed to get her to come through to the CLUBBUTTS studio. Persistence overpowers resistance everytime!

See more of Cassie
Meet Cassie. I received a phone call from this Massive booty lady. She explained that them show offs from Harlem slid her my number and how she's looking for work. Well, them cats from haven't failed me yet so, I told the crazy booty lady to come on down to the CLUBBUTTS studio. Not knowing, what she looked like, I kind of expected one of them slim foxes with a nice cute booty (y'all know how Harlem do), see below but nopes, Cassie got some meat on her. Cassie rocks a 9.5

See more of Vanity
Meet Vanity. This can be read exactly like Beautiful as the CLUBBUTTS hotline rings again with another Chocolate Model Beauty. Yeah, yeah.. them Harlem cats are definitely showing off. Any who, Vanity gives me a call explaining how she is visiting from Florida and looking for work and will be passing thru as she may head to Sue's Rendezvous afterwards (Yes ladies, the CLUBBUTTS studio is walking distance to Sue's - insert smiley face-). Needless to say Vanity visited the CLUBBUTTS studio for a session. 

See more of Beautiful
Meet Beautiful. This young lady comes courtesy of Chocolate Models (formerly known as New York Chocolate Models). The Network Circle, same rules applied. Beautiful gives the CLUBBUTTS hotline a ring, explaining who gave  her my number and inquiring about work. Yes, CLUBBUTTS got that work! After some hits and misses (more misses than hits), Beautiful and I finally come up with a work schedule suitable for both of us. She comes over to the CLUBBUTTS studio and Flash, FLASH! Beautiful sports an 8

Ruby Red
See more of Ruby Red
Meet Ruby Red. This sexy young lady sent me an email with pictures (Models take heed!) like... 2 years ago! I called her back, attempted to arrange a meeting place but no go. Fortunately, Ruby was persistent because it seemed like every blue moon I would get an email from her. Needless to say, there must have been a blue moon lately because her last email,  I sent an invitation to Ruby to come to the CLUBBUTTS studio and she bit. Finally, I get to see that ass face to face... it was nice! Ruby Red sits on a 9!

See more of India
Meet India. Another KMPA import. Networking had nothing to this one. Simply a case of India looking for work and me needing a new face. So, an email from India inquiring about work, a few phone calls, and a trip from New Jersey to the North Bronx was really all that it took to make it happen. The CLUBBUTTS studio was back in effect. Holidays and vacations all are over and done with. A brand new year and a brand new booty. I placed India in the BBW section and pardon me as I learn a new camera!

Cha Cha
See more of Cha Cha
Meet Cha Cha. I met this young lady a while back at Intervale Avenue in the South Bronx. I originally assumed she was Latina. I don't know... a Latino community and she is filling out her pants, go figure? I called the young lady near, handed her a CLUBBUTTS business card, asked her to check the website out and if interested, give me a call. A few weeks go by and Cha Cha called. I invite her to the  studio, check her id and realized she's not Latina. Cha Cha is somewhere between a BBW and an 8

See more of Secret
Meet Secret. This can basically read exactly like Violet just by substituting Kiss My Phat Ass with New York Chocolate Models. The alliance grows! (Webmasters: Join NOW!!) Anyways, New Jersey's own Secret decided to give a call to the CLUBBUTTS hotline. She explained how the folks at NYCM gave her my number and how her butt is CLUBBUTTS worthy. We played phone tag for a bit until I had to step out of town. Upon my return, I arranged a photo shoot with Secret. This young lady has a legit bubble. I say an 8

See more of Karma
Meet Karma. Karma is brought to us by my man  Bear. I don't know how Bear be knowing these ladies and personally it's none of my business. He's a PIMP (I kids). Anyways, Bear gives me a call saying he has an old Cesar Video model. I tell him to send her to Gun Hill Road in the Bronx so, I can get a looky see and run down the CLUBBUTTS law in her ear. She came thru, we talked, a few months went by and we finally got her in the  CLUBBUTTS studio for a photo shoot. Karma sits on an 8 ass. Enjoy

See more of Violet
Back to the program... Meet Violet. Some may know Violet from and if you look closely you may see some familiar faces (Clubbutts' models) over there on KMPA. That's networking, breaking bread with neighboring websites and trading talent because a happy model is a working model (words of wisdom). Well, we got Brooklyn's own Violet to travel up to the BX for a CLUBBUTTS session. Violet was a feisty little mama with a big ol' butt 52 inches to be exact! So you know, she's in the 10 section!

Lee Anne
See more of Lee Anne
Let's stray away from the formula for a second. Let's broaden our vision for one second. Meet Lee Anne. Yes, an Exotic Flavor brought to us via of our very own Diamond Kisses. I received a phone call explaining how she has an Asian young lady, looking to get in the business. My first question was.. What's her butt looking like? Then I caught myself.. hehe. I okayed the shoot on Exotic purposes alone. After leaving my laptop open at work, I got positive feedback from co workers, so here she is. Enjoy

See more of London
Meet London. I met this sweet "booty having" lady online. She sent me an email (with pictures included) explaining how she's from Upstate New York and will be in New York City. She also mentioned how her butt is CLUBBUTTS worthy. I took a look at her pictures and questioned what's in the waters Upstate! I explained to London, that I'm up in the Bronx and she replied, No Problem! Two weeks later, she's in the CLUBBUTTS' studios, sweet ass and all. On the infamous CLUBBUTTS scale, London holds a 8.5

See more of Crystal
Meet Crystal Clear. Yes, the NEXT generation of adult stars does CLUBBUTTS. This young lady is brought to us via Young Wood. He instant messaged me saying he knows Crystal Clear and she's coming to town. I told him to bring her through. All the way from California to the BX (where the people are FRESH). Once Crystal stepped on the CLUBBUTTS set, we did the whole photo shoot thing afterwards we put Young Wood on her tender ass for some CLUBBUTTSXXX footage! You gotta love it.

See more of Mina
Meet Mina. This fox comes to us by way of Buck of, my man Buck said Mina has a nice butt, asking if I wanted some. Fortunately, during this time, I was getting the players for my first boy/girl scene together. When I thought it would be cool to let Buck come over and direct a scene with Mina. Allowing me to learn a thing of two before jumping in the arena. So, this young lady is very special to CLUBBUTTS. She's one of the players in the very first boy/girl scene shot on the CLUBBUTTS set. 

See more of Latoya
Meet Latoya. This mammoth booty is brought to us by HUD from Booty Bank Ent. I was surfing when I came across this super booty at HUD's site. I made a mental note to remind myself to send him an email inquiring about this lady. The next morning upon checking my emails, HUD contacted me about Latoya. I never even wrote my email! That's love. Any who, Latoya's  ass is simply ridiculous. I sported a grin and a dayumm face all thru the shoot. Latoya's ass just don't make no damn sense. A serious 12 on our scale.

Lady Jaye
See more of Lady Jaye
Meet Lady Jaye. I met this big booty lady at Simpson Street in the Bronx. I called her near and slid her a CLUBBUTTS business card. She called it, I returned the call... no answer. A few weeks later, not knowing it was her, I gave her another card. She gave me back the card and said she will return. I waited a little bit and just like she said she returned. I explained the whole CLUBBUTTS routine to her while getting a better look at all that loveliness she was dragging. A few days later... studio. Lady Jaye rocks a 10 ass

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