Aug 12th, 2018
New Kim Kang, Charli, 1 Finesse, 1 Jaime Fetti.mp4



Jul 29th, 2018
New Jaime Fetti, Robyn, 1 Charli & 1 Shani.mp4

Jul 15th, 2018
New Model Olivia Kassady, Kimmy Kang, 1 Lola Boricua & 1 Li Golden.mp4

Jul 1st, 2018
New Charli, Vixen Vanity, 1 Jaime Fetti, 1 Lady Free & 1 Robyn.mp4

Mar 19th, 2017
New Charli, Robyn with a Y, 1 Jaime Fetti
, 1 Kimberly Chi & 1 Lady Free.mp4

Feb 6th, 2017
New Robyn with a Y, Vixen Vanity, 1 Kimberly Chi & 1 Li Golden.mp4

Jan 15th, 2017
New Jaime Fetti, Charli, 1 Cubana, 1 Li Golden & 1 Finesse.mp4

Jan 1st, 2017
New Robyn, Li Golden, 1 Kimberly Chi, 1 Lola Boricua & 1 Lady Free.mp4

Nov 20th, 2016
New Model Jaime Fetti, Kimberly Chi, 1 Cali & 1 Lola Boricua.mp4

Nov 13th, 2016
New Lola Boricua, Charli, 1 Kimberly Chi, 1 Lexi Jaxson & 1 Shani.mp4

Sep 18th, 2016
New Vixen Vanity, Lexi Jaxson, 1 Charli & 1 Li Golden.mp4

Sep 4th, 2016
New Li Golden, 1 Cubana Swallows & Lola Boricua.mp4

Aug 28th, 2016
New Charli, Shani, Kimberly Chi & Lola Boricua.mp4

Aug 7th, 2016
New Robyn with a Y, Lady Free, 1 Cubana & 1 Shani.mp4

Jul 24th, 2016
New Kimberly Chi, Lola Boricua, 1 Charli& 1 Finesse.mp4

Jul 10th, 2016
New Cali, Finesse, 1 Cubana Swallows & 1 Shani.mp4

Jul 3rd, 2016
Charli, Li Golden, 1 Lady Free & 1 Lexi Jaxson.mp4

Jun 19th, 2016
NEW Lola Boricua, Zara Ryan, 1 Finesse & 1 Shani.mp4

Jun 5th, 2016
NEW Kimberly Chi, Shani, 1 Scarlett DeMitro & 1 Cubana Swallows.mp4

May 29th, 2016
NEW Model Li Golden, Robyn, Cubana Swallows, 1 Cali, 1 Charli & 1 Zara Ryan.mp4

May 1st, 2016
NEW Model Lola Boricua, Finesse, Free & Kimberly Chi, 1 Ariel, 1 Charli, 1 Cubana & 1 Lexi Jaxson.mp4

Apr 10th, 2016
NEW Cubana Swallows, Charli, 1 Lexi Jaxson, 1 Scarlett DeMitro & 1 Zara Ryan.mp4

Mar 27th, 2016
NEW Model Kimberly Chi, Scarlett, 1 Cali, 1 Charli & 1 Lexi.mp4

Mar 13th, 2016
NEW Ariel, Zara Ryan, 1 Charli & 1 Cubana.mp4

Feb 28th, 2016
NEW Free, Cali, 1 Ariel, 1 Lexi Jaxson & 1 Shani.mp4

Feb 14th, 2016
NEW Charli, Lexi Jaxson, 1 Cali & 1 Cubana.mp4

Feb 2nd, 2016
NEW Cubana, Finesse, 1 Cali & 1 Zara Ryan.mp4

Jan 17th, 2016
NEW Free, Zara Ryan, 1 Alex Tanner, 1 Charli & 1 Cubana Swallows.mp4

Jan 10th, 2016
NEW Cali, Ariel, 1 Shani & 1 Yesenia.mp4

Dec 20th, 2015
NEW Model Finesse, Shani, 1 Ariel & 1 Charli.mp4

Dec 13th, 2015
NEW Alex Tanner, Charli, 1 Lexi Jaxson & 1 Yesenia.mp4 

Nov 29th, 2015
NEW Model Cali, Scarlett DeMitro, 1 Ariel & 1 Zara Ryan.mp4

Nov 22th, 2015
NEW Cubana Swallows, Lexi Jaxson, 1 Bugatti Bubbles & 1 Yesenia.mp4

Nov 15th, 2015
NEW Model Shani, Yesenia, 1 Ariel & 1 Lexi Jaxson.mp4

Nov 8th, 2015
NEW Charli, Zara, 1 Chyna & 1 Yesenia.mp4

Oct 25th, 2015
NEW Ariel, Lexi Jaxson, 1  Nia Bangz, 1 Vixen Vanity & 1 Zara Ryan.mp4

Oct 11th, 2015
NEW Bugatti Bubbles, Charli, 1 Scarlett DeMitro & 1 Chyna.mp4

Oct 4th, 2015
NEW Alex Tanner, Scarlett DeMitro, 1 Bugatti Bubbles & 1 Vixen Vanity.mp4

Sep 20th, 2015
NEW Model Lexi Jaxson, Chyna, 1 Bugatti Bubbles & 1 Nia Bangz.mp4

Sep 13rd, 2015
NEW Bugatti Bubbles, Robyn, 1 Alex Tanner & 1 Chyna.mp4

Sep 6th, 2015
NEW Model Zara Ryan, Yesenia, 1 Chyna, 1 Nia & 1 Scarlett.mp4

Aug 30th, 2015
NEW Alex, Charli, 1 Scarlett & 1 Vixen.mp4

Aug 23rd, 2015
NEW Scarlett, Charlotte, 1 Alex, 1 Charli & 1 Nia.mp4

Aug 16th, 2015
NEW Chyna, Eva, 1 Bugatti, 1 Kendall & 1 Vanity.mp4

Aug 9th, 2015
NEW Becca, Vixen, 1 Alex, 1 Cubana & 1 Nia.mp4

Aug 2nd, 2015
NEW Alex Tanner, Charli,1 Bugati Bubbles, 1 Chyna & 1 Charlotte O'Ryan.mp4

Jul 26th, 2015
NEW Bugatti Bubbles, Yesenia, 1 Cubana Swallows, 1 Eva & 1 Vixen Vanity.mp4

Jul 19th, 2015
NEW Nia, Eva, Lola, Scarlett, 1 Charli, 1 Charlotte, 1 Kendall, 1 Robyn.mp4

Jul 12th, 2015
NEW Chyna, Charlotte, Cubana, Vixen, 1 Charli, 1 Kendall, 1 Nia & 1 Robyn.mp4

Jul 5th, 2015
NEW Alex, Becca, Charli, Kendall, 1 Charlotte, 1 Cubana, 1 Eva & 1 Robyn.mp4

June 28th, 2015
NEW Model Yesenia, Mazzaratie, Bugatti, Lola, 1 Nia, 1 Alana, 1 Charlotte & 1 Kat.mp4

June 21st, 2015
NEW Nia, Alana, Erika, Eva, 1 Charli, 1 Kendall, 1 Lola & Mazzarati.mp4

June 14th, 2015
NEW Model Scarlet Demitro, Cubana, Ophelia, Robyn, 1 Brittany, 1 Charli, 1 Eva & 1 Kendall.mp4

June 7th, 2015
NEW Vixen, Brittany, Charlotte, Savannah, 1 Brooke, 1 Charli, 1 Cubana & 1 Robyn.mp4

May 31st, 2015
NEW Model Alex Tanner, Becca, Gia, Toni, 1 Charli, 1 Charlotte, 1 Cubana & 1 Eva.mp4

May 24th, 2015
NEW Kendall Krave, Chyna, Dahlia Drake, Eva, 1 Charli, 1 Charlotte O'Ryan, 1 Gia Paige & 1 Robyn.mp4

May 17th, 2015
NEW Model Bugatti Bubbles,
Charli, Alana, Lola, 1 Brittany, 1 Charlotte, 1 Eva & 1 Robyn.mp4

May 10th, 2015
NEW Cadence, Cubana, Robyn, Sunshyne, 1 Charli, 1 Dahlia, 1 Eva & 1 Jayden.mp4

May 3rd, 2015
NEW Model Vixen Vanity, Charlotte, Nia, Savannah, 1 Charli, 1 Cubana, 1 Eva and 1 Robyn.mp4

Apr 26th, 2015
NEW Becca, Brittany, Kendall, Toni, 1 Alana, 1 Charli, 1 Monica & 1 Robyn.mp4

Apr 19th, 2015
NEW Charli, Eva, Gia Paige, Lola Vaughn, 1 Alana Luv, 1 Brittany Shae, 1 Cubana Swallows & 1 Robyn.mp4

Apr 12th, 2015
NEW Robyn with a Y, Alana Luv, Cubana Swallows, Sunshyne, 1 Brooke, 1 Brittany Shae, 1 Jaydenn Starr & 1 Lola.mp4

Apr 5th, 2015
NEW Model Nia Bangz, Brooke, Charlotte, Jayden, 1 Charli, 1Gia, 1 Ophelia & 1 Shay.mp4

Mar 30th, 2015
NEW Brittany, Dahlia, Savannah, Toni, 1 Charli, 1 Gigi, 1 Jayden & 1 Lola.mp4

Mar 23rd, 2015
NEW Model Kendall Krave, Becca, Charli, Vienna, 1 Brooke, 1 Cubana, 1 Lola & 1 Monica.mp4

Mar 15th, 2015
NEW Lola, Cubana, Eva, Gia, 1 Alana, 1 Brooke, 1 Dahlia & 1 Erika.mp4

Mar 8th, 2015
NEW Model Charlotte O'Ryan, Alana, Robyn, Sunshyne, 1 Gia, 1 Kat, 1 Ophelia & 1 Shay.mp4

Mar 1st, 2015
NEW Jayden Starr, Brooke, Cadence Lux, Rosa, 1 Erika Devine, 1 Gigi, 1 Mazzaratie Monica & 1 Shay.mp4

Feb 22nd, 2015
NEW Model Brittany Shae, Charli, Dahlia, Ophelia, 1 Carmen, 1 Cadence, 1 Katt & 1 Nydia.p4

Feb 15th, 2015
NEW Becca, Carmen, Gia, Pocahontas, 1 Cadence, 1 Erika, 1 Gigi, 1 Monica.mp4

Feb 8th, 2015
NEW Model Lola Vaughn, Cubana, Fairy, Robyn, 1 Ariel, 1 Carmen, 1 Gia & 1 Kali.mp4

Feb 1st, 2015
NEW Brooke, Ariel, Monica, Rosa, 1 Carmen, 1 Dahlia, 1 Gigi & 1 Kat.mp4


Jan 25th, 2015
NEW Model Alana Luv, Cadence, Danielle, Sunshyne, 1 Cubana, 1 Gigi, 1 Gia & 1 Shay.mp4

Jan 18th, 2015
NEW Gia, Bethany, Charli, Erika, 1 Baby, 1 Mazzaratie, Ophelia & 1 Shay.mp4

Jan 11th, 2015
NEW Model Jayden Starr, Becca, Cha Cha, Ophelia, 1 Ariel, 1 Carmen, Dahlia & Katt.mp4

Jan 5th, 2015
NEW Carmen Capri, Dahlia Drake, Jessie, Robyn, 1 Ariel, 1 Candence Lux, 1 Erika Devine & 1 Kali.mp4

Dec 28th, 2014
NEW Model Brooke, Ariel, Fairy, Nydia, 1 Baby, 1 Cubana, 1 Dahlia & 1 Mazzaratie.mp4

Dec 21st, 2014
NEW Cadence, Mazzaratie, Rosa, Sunshyne, 1 Autumn, 1 Kali, 1 Ophelia & 1 Yamilla.mp4

Dec 14th, 2014
NEW Model Gia Page, Cubana, Erika, Holly, 1 Ariel, 1 Cadence, 1 DR Lust & 1 Mazzaratie.mp4

Dec 7th, 2014
NEW Ophelia, Becca, Robyn, Savannah, 1 Carmen, 1 Cubana, 1 Jessie & 1 Vienna.mp4

Nov 30th, 2014
NEW Model Dahlia Drake, Carmen, Cha Cha, Chyna, 1 Cubana, 1 Erika, 1 Mazzaratie & 1 Ophelia.mp4

Nov 23rd, 2014
NEW Charli, Jada, Jessie, Sunshyne, 1 Cubana, 1 Erika, 1 Mazzaratie & 1 Savanah.mp4

Nov 16th, 2014
NEW Model Cadence Lux, Mazzaratie, Leilani, Vienna, 1 Carmen, 1 Jada, 1 Natalia & 1 Savannah.mp4

Nov 9th, 2014
NEW Savannah, Cubana, Erika, Savannah, 1 Danielle, 1 Gogo, 1 Gabrielle & 1 Leilani.mp4

Nov 2nd, 2014
NEW Model Ophelia Rain, Danielle, Gabriella, Natalia, 1 Autumn, 1 Charli, 1 Robyn & 1 Vienna.mp4

Oct 26th, 2014
NEW Carmen, Chyna, Gogo, Robyn, 1 Jada, 1 Monica, 1 Natalia & 1 Vienna.mp4

Oct 19th, 2014
NEW Vienna, Cha Cha, Charli, Sunshyne, 1 Danielle, 1 Jesse, 1 Monica & 1 Robyn.mp4






















































































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FINALLY a website that appreciates a woman's butt and not just ordinary butts either... Extraordinary butts of the round and juicy kind! I canvas the mean streets of New York looking for ladies to model their booties for CLUBBUTTS. I'm in laundry mats, on buses, trains, hair salons looking for ladies with mean butts, that hypnotize us so. Other sites have one or two round butt women on them. Not here, Round booties are our specialty! Don't believe? Then get your scroll on! -DoleCAC/ Webmaster

Meet the Ladies of Clubbutts

See more of Olivia
Yeah, yeah, yeah, long time no hear from, as I try to get back to the swing of things. Listen, I'm glad many of you chose to stick around. So, here's what we're going to do... We are going to push older " unseen" content out to make room for newer content. Nonetheless, meet Olivia Kassidy, an innocent young one who hails from Florida and was daring enough to venture up to Yonkers and visit our set. Of course, we welcomed her with open arms and a ready cam!

See more of Jaime Fetti
Meet Jaime Fetti. This sexy young lady hails from New Jersey. This was one of those last minute shoots. I knew, I had the budget but wasn't sure if I was spirited enough to make it happen this week. I checked my emails and seen Jaime's request. After peeking at her pictures, I responded. The next day, we were looking for a time slot for later that day. Hey, sometimes, you just have to let things happen. it worked out well too, I met a cool sexy young lady and got out of my work slump! Enjoy!

Li Golden 
See more of Li Golden
Meet Li Golden. This sexy young lady calls the "City of Brotherly Love" her home. Li Golden sent us an email looking for work. A pleasant surprise because we were looking for models to work with! We went back and forth with the emails and texts then perhaps a few weeks of silence but over here... We're like that Jesus character, We might not be there when you want but we're always on time. Li Golden was megabus-ing it to the Legendary CLUBBUTTS' studio!

See more of Lola
Meet Lola, Lola Boricua. This sexy young lady hails from the Golden state known as California. Los Angeles to be exact. That's what I said! Puerto Ricans in Los Angeles!?! No waaaay! Yes way, as Lola Boricua and her clan has set up shop in Los Angeles. Anywho, This sexy BBW sent us an email stating how she's heading towards New York soon and how could she get down with the Legendary CLUBBUTTS? She provided pictures, pointed us to her instagram page and we set up a date. Enjoy!

See more of Kim Chi
Meet Kimberly Chi. This sexy Asian young lady was brought to us by way of CJ from Good Life Models. Brother CJ sent me an email informing us that Kimberly Chi was in the New York State area. I figured, I could get my Asian roster up. Let's see Tori ( Kim Kong ), Kimmee Kang, Asia Zo, Amai Liu, Lucy Levon, Leilani Vega, Keeani Lei and Lee Anne, that's pretty damn impressive if you ask me. So, please welcome Kimberly Chi to our CLUBBUTTS' family/line up and by the way, I'm NOT done with my Afro series! 

Lady Free
See more of Free
Meet Lady Free. This sexy young lady sent me an email acquiring about work when she visits the area later that month. Hailing from Indiana. I replied stating how much I would love to shoot her and extending my offer and an invitation was established. Free showed up on time and ready to work. All I can recall was, there was ass everywhere and an inner smile going on inside of me. Free is new to the industry, and is definitely about her work. Hopefully she will return for us.

See more of Finesse 
Meet Finesse. This sexy young lady hails from Miami, Florida and ventured up the east coast to get her resume in the adult industry padded. We received an email about her looking for work but my mind been in a thousand places these days. So, I didn't bite right away. When the other brothers started co-signing Finesse's sexiness, I figured I better jump on it too as the vetting process ran it's course. We replied to that email and offered this cutie pie an invitation to the World's Famous CLUBBUTTS' studio. Enjoy!

See more of Cali 
Meet Cali. This super sexy young lady resides in Texas and was brought to us via Tommy of Whoaboyz fame. The young brother sent me an email ( with pictures attached ) of this sexy young lady and we replied with a sincere, "Hell Yeah!" A few days later, we were texting Cali directions to the World's Famous CLUBBUTTS' studio and when she arrived, ass and tits everywhere. Son, she had my complete attention and held on to it. I wanted her to keep it. Listen, we had fun and awaits Cali's return.

See more of Shani 
Meet Shani. This super sexy young lady hails from Philadelphia. Shani sent us an email expressing interest in shooting for the World's Famous and equally Legendary CLUBBUTTS ( with pictures attached, of course). After appreciating the pictures' she sent, we replied and extended an invitation to Shani, who in turn, jumped on our offer. Not only did this Nubian princess show up on time but she was a joy to work with and a sight for sore eyes. I was actually sadden when the shoot was over! Enjoy

See more of Lexi Jaxson 
Meet Lexi Jaxson. The show goes on, this sexy young lady was brought to us via Platinum Talents. I immediately confused her for someone else and asked, "What's up with the blonde hair?" The brother is getting old, y'all. I shot too many ladies. I don't even know the count anymore and I'm not going to count them either. After, she kindly explained that she always had blonde hair, I knew I stumbled. I welcomed her to the Legendary CLUBBUTTS, apologized and show went on without any further delay. Enjoy!

Zara Ryan
See more of Zara Ryan 
Meet Zara Ryan... This sexy young lady hails from the Down Under, yes Australia. The " International " CLUBBUTTS strikes again, thanks to Skylar from Platinum Talents who's been shuttling these young ladies back and forth to CLUBBUTTS and yours truly, the model whisperer extraordinaire! Where the model leaves greater than which she came! Anywho, the wonderful Zara stopped by to chop it up with us and reveal all of her pleasantries for our cameras and we definitely did not stop her!

See more of Yesenia 
Meet Yesenia...This young lady was sent to us by Skylar from Platinum Talents. Hey, he's from down the block! Not literally, of course. As I type this, not when I took this content but as I type, I realize it's that time again so, let me get to bragging... Since 2003, online since 2004 and only recently has the updates become spotty,  (when them two consonants, leading with a vowel comes around, it slowed things down) but we press forward. As Barnum, once said to Bailey, " one monkey don't stop no show! "

See more of Scarlett 
Meet Scarlett... Scarlett DeMitro, mind you. This sexy young lady calls Florida her home and was brought to us via Connor Cox and we all know, he sent CLUBBUTTS plenty of honeys. Speaking of plenty honeys, have you looked around here? Do anyone have the count? I stopped counting, I'll estimate it at around 260. 260 models and counting! What a tremendous accomplishment for a such small operation but enough about me. Scarlett joins the roster at CLUBBUTTS with her infectious smile. Enjoy!

See more of Alex Tanner 
Meet Alex Tanner. A Ginger! This sexy 19 year old came to us via Skylar. She arrived on set smelling of marijuanas. Yes, an "s" can be added to any word. I said, "Is that marijuanas, I smell?" and she replied, "yes". Adorable. We had a blast. We even took a marijuanas break. I didn't indulge. My smoke days are long gone. I teased her though. I mentioned munchie stuff all day. She didn't bite though. She is a true smoker and after Alex left, my set smelled like, Alex was here and Cheech and Chong too!

See more of Bugatti 
Meet Bugatti Bubblez (Bubbles around here). This sexy young lady resides in New Orleans and traveled all the way up here for more work and fortunately for us, Brother Beast, We reached out to her and she braved her way from Brooklyn, all the way up to Yonkers by way of train, all on her own. That's pretty darn good for a country girl... smile! Bugatti just adorabled us out. Adorabled... Yeah, I made that word up. Hey, is it getting dark around here? I got it feeling like it's 2012, all over again! Enjoy!

See more of Vixen Vanity 
Meet Vixen Vanity. This sexy young lady hails from Georgia and was brought to us courtesy of herself. That's right. Total  Independent, no management, no middlemen and no hands in any pockets. The power we all yield, put to use. Vixen reached out to us via text message until she eventually was at the door step of the legendary CLUBBUTTS, round booty and all. We sat down, looked each other in the eye and then, had a really fun shoot. One of those old school shoots, that winds up four hours long, instead of the agreed upon two. Vixen rocks!

See more of Nia 
Meet Nia Bangz. This super booty hails from Queens and was brought to us by way of C-Lo. Anyway, maaaaan listen.. I haven’t see one of these types of butts in a long time since I guess… The Butt? Although, Nia’s butt reminded me of Mizz DR, Jada Gemz, Denise type butt. I mean, it brought a smile upon my face, I even cried a little. After the shoot was over and Nia and I said our goodbyes. I went for a walk. All I can think about was her booty. So, I sat on a bench and wrote some rhymes! Easy!

See more of Kendall 
Meet Kendall Krave. This sexy petite young lady hails from Connecticut, New York’s neighboring state and drove down to the legendary CLUBBUTTS. Kendall is sponsor by Conor Coxxx, who’ve supplied us with plenty of models in the past. Look it up, look it up! Anyways, Kendall showed up on time and  is brand new to the industry. Sounds like a job for the “Model Whisperer” and I welcomed it. As long as they leave here, greater than they arrived, our job is done. You're in good hands... all state! Enjoy.

See more of Charlotte 
Meet Charlotte O'Ryan. This sexy young lady hails from West Virginia. Few weeks ago, Wyoming, now, West Virginia. Say it with me, the Internationally known" CLUBBUTTS! I'm crossing my fingers for someone from South Dakota next! You got to collect them all! Anyways, this adorable young lady came to us via Skylar's Platinum Team and like most of Skylar's ladies, Charlotte is pretty new to the game and eager to work. Needless to say, we did not hesitate, Charlotte and I had a blast!

See more of Brittany Shae
Meet Brittany Shae. This sexy young lady calls Atlanta, Georgia her home and ventured all the way up north, thanks to brother Skylar. As goes the norm, I get hit with a text message from the young brother, complete with pictures basically saying he has another one! I reply, "Make it happen." Two days later, Brittany is knocking upon the "Internationally known" CLUBBUTTS' door. Brittany was quite the bright eyed one, which I initially read as innocence but unlike the normal Platinum Model, Brittany has put in some work in the industry before coming this way.

See more of Lola Vaughn
Meet Lola Vaughn! This sexy young lady hails from Wyoming! That's the "Internationally" known CLUBBUTTS for now on, despite the traditionally definition. Anyway, the sexy Lola Vaughn was brought to us via our number one player, Skylar from Platinum Models. The brother arm so long, his reach extends to Wyoming! Keep in mind, Lola is brand NEW to the industry therefore Skylar's has to come forth with an extraordinary sale's pitch to convince them to make the trip to this east coast corridor.

Alana Luv
See more of Alana Luv
Meet Alana Luv! This sexy young lady hails from Planet Brooklyn, which is way too close to the Legendary CLUBBUTTS for us not to be knowing each other. I believe this foxy Brooklynite was brought to us by way of Skylar from Platinum Models. The brother with the number one slot because his ladies show up on time and ready to work! Seriously. Anyways, Alana Luv was perky, inviting and few other positive things and we must invite her back to CLUBBUTTS to explore her darker side. Calling TEAM: ChinCheck!

See more of Jayden Starr
Meet Jayden Starr! This sexy chocolate young lady hails from California. Hold up! A chocolate mama on CLUBBUTTS !?! Saaaaay whaaaaaat! And she showed up late! Broke my heart too! Anyways, Sexy Jayden Starr comes to us by way of Team Cherise Roze aka Green Clover crew  and was visiting the East Coast area, when Green Clover reached out to me. I screamed YES because I'm fully aware of the bleaching effects going on at CLUBBUTTS. All I ask is, Respect my time which means show up on time!

See more of Brooke
Meet Brooke! This adorable deep dimpled up young lady resides in the Boogie Down and was brought to CLUBBUTTS by our "original player" who brought us TONS of ladies, including some of my and your favorites. No, I'm not naming any names! Anyway, Brooke is 18 years old and hopefully, the last 18 I'll ever work with. Fellows, something happens as we get older and 18 year olds begin to look like babies...Well, maybe it's just me but I feel guilty... but then again Chyna had a 50 inch ass at 18, Mizz DR too! Nevermind

Gia Paige
See more of Gia Paige
Meet Gia Paige. This sexy young lady with the "SURPRISE" booty hails from Michigan. Word up, CLUBBUTTS does Midwest America, too! Well, it's not like I actually went to Michigan but my brother Skylar from Platinum models has this shuttle bus like system going on. They come from all across the U.S.A., train, plane or auto mobile to the Big Apple with aspirations of becoming an industry starlet and fortunately for us they manage to stop by at CLUBBUTTS for our own orientation and they show up on time!

See more of Dahlia
Meet Dahlia Drake. A sexy middle eastern does CLUBBUTTS... whaaaat!?! Dahlia Drake was sent to us courtesy of Skylar from Platinum models as Dahlia does her New York run. "Brand new to the industry, full of pride, with aspirations of going far. One must utilize their delicate gloves and consider patience, for the ego is of the fragile kind" , as said by the self-proclaimed Model Whisperer. Unfortunately, this rule, did not apply to the lovely Dahlia Drake, who was ready for anything and prepared to work. Enjoy!

See more of Cadence
Meet Cadence Lux. A New Yorker! Yes, Cadence hails from upstate New York. This sexy young lady was sent to us by brother Conor Cox ( see our last model Ophelia Rain, Charity Love and sweet ass Savannah Fox, again ). I reached out to brother Conor about any new faces available as I try to stock up on new faces like days of old. He recommended no other than the sexy New Yorker Cadence Lux and passed her along my info, as a date was sent. Cadence showed up on time, outfits ready and the show began! Enjoy!

See more of Ophelia
Meet Ophelia Rain. Ophelia hails from Baltimore. We received an email from Conor Cox ( the brother who sent us sweet ass Savannah Fox, Charity Love and a few others ), the email informed us that Ophelia would be up in the NYC area. We replied with an invitation to stop by and shoot at the wonderful CLUBBUTTS' studio and Ophelia obliged. It turns out that Ophelia Rain is Goth, that was interesting but that's not the capper, the capper is, Ophelia has these super long nipples that stay hard. Very Nice!

See more of Erika
Meet Erika Devine. Another new starlet in the industry courtesy of Platinum Talent. Erika is not as new as Carmen Capri, Vienna June, Gabriella, Jesse and the rest. Erika has been on a busy little schedule and put in some work before venturing up to the Gotham City. I guess, we can't win them all. Anyways, oddly enough, Erika Devine showed up on time, like the rest, to the Legendary CLUBBUTTS' studio and we put her right to work with out any hesitations. Happiness is, CLUBBUTTS celebrating 10 years in the biz!

See more of Carmen
Meet Carmen Capri. Another brand new, never before seen, welcome to the industry starlet courtesy of Platinum Talent. When all else fails, including last minute cancellations, cold feet etc. Brother Skylar comes through like a fat cat with stock in Kraft. Anyways, sexy Carmen hails from Canada with aspirations of becoming a star in the industry and we wish her well with all of her endeavors and thank her for allowing the Legendary CLUBBUTTS and the self proclaimed model whisperer to pop her pretty cherry.

See more of Vienna
Meet Vienna June. This adorable young lady comes all the way from Florida to hang out with us at the legendary CLUBBUTTS and I'm not mad at her, not one bit. Another neophyte sent to us by Skylar from Platinum Talent. Listen,  Vienna June was wonderful and I would love to work with her again. Even get her into some serious trouble with my marked cards, wink wink but listen I counted the XXX scenes in the legendary CLUBBUTTS Members Area and it's over a 170 XXX scenes! I gasped too! MADNESS!

See more of Pocahontas
Meet Pocahontas. This sexy amazonian hails from Brooklyn and was brought to us by our very own Beast Master. The young brother sent pictures to my phone and me recognizing that it's getting bright around here at CLUBBUTTS, okayed this project right away. Pocahontas showed up on time, well she was escorted here, by brother Beast. I am watching these ladies, just me and my watch. Anywho, Pocahontas was cool as shit. We did a quick photo shoot session and then we let Beast have his way with her.

See more of Danielle
Meet Danielle Reid. This sexy neophyte calls Little Rock, Arkansas her home. She was brought to us by Skylar Patinum, the super producer who scouted the last seven models we shot at the legendary CLUBBUTTS and guess what? That's right, she showed up on time too! Skylar keeps them on point. Bravo to that brother. I hope folks are taking heed, there's lessons to be understood around here. Anyways, Danielle was a doll and fun to work with. We did a shoot and to the closet, she go. Toy time!

See more of Gabriella
Meet Gabriella. Gabriella Lanzilli, if you're nasty. This sexy young lady calls Boston, Massachusetts her home. She's brand spanking new and was sent to us via Platinum talent agency and she has great boobs! The brother Skylar sent Gabriella's picture out on twitter to us at CLUBBUTTS and a selective few other. The only thing I seen was BOOBS! To make a long story short, my reply was send her and she was sent. And what a fun chick she was! First shoot ever and the Model Whisperer is in full effect. Boobs!

See more of Jessie
Meet Jessie Taylor. This sexy young lady hails from Pennsylvania and brought to us by way of Platinum Talent agency. This cutie showed up on time, the Platinum way, of course. Brand new to the business, so I had to go put on my white patient gloves. See, I'm convinced that ALL new talent should do CLUBBUTTS first before the horror show commence. At CLUBBUTTS, we insist that they leave wiser than when they first came through the door. CLUBBUTTS, the Home of the sweet ass and the fresh Model Whisperer!

See more of Holly
Meet Holly North. Another brand new to the industry cutie, brought to us again, via Platinum Talent. This is the fifth young lady sent from Platinum, all of them showing up on time, outfits intact, hair, nails and toes done and with two forms of ID. I'm happy. Anyways, the sexy Holly North was extended an invitation to the Greatest Show, this side of Yonkers has to offer, the Legendary CLUBBUTTS, of course. Where we have so many models, we stopped counting them after 200 and just say, we have a LOT! 

See more of Leilani
Meet Leilani Vega. Brand new to the industry, this Asian cutie was brought to us, again by Platinum Talent. Platinum is the same brother that shipped Autumn Klyne to us. Well, the lovely Leilani Vega showed up to the Legendary CLUBBUTTS on time, (message!) looking simply adorable as expected. We stripped her down to her sexual essence and handed her our equally lovely, CLUBBUTTS spaghetti string top (to keep) After her pictorial obligations were complete, Ms Vega ventured in our toy chess for a parting gift.

See more of Autumn
Meet Autumn Klyne. You say, Where all the Black girls go? Can someone tell them, when I say 3pm, it means 3pm. Seriously, I had this cute one, we just did a shoot, She said she was interested in doing a boy girl scene. We agreed with 3, she calls me at 3:45 asking for my address!?! Recently, I had another one do the same shit. I asked her, what time is good for you? She said 7. At 7:45 when I text her to reschedule, she replied, What, I was in the shower! No lie. Rant over. Autumn's butt is nice!

See more of Stella
Meet Stella Ann. Stella comes out of Osyn Black's camp (see Ashton, below) and traveled all the way from the Midwest to the City that never sleeps. We received the email stating that Stella was in town and replied, take the train, take the train and the young Stella showed up to our set by herself. Which is always a good thing. She presented two forms of ID and our session began. We put the flash on her adorable bottom and also, let her go to our infamous closet and choose a toy for a masturbation scene. Nice.

See more of Ashton
Meet Ashton Monroe. This young lady calls Florida her home but what brought this barely legal up north to the once mean streets of New York is beyond me. I received an email from Osyn Black stating the talent she works with and I figured that I'll work with Osyn after coming off my "ALL Cameras Down" time. Come shoot time, Osyn showed up with Ashton which is frowned upon around here. To my surprise, Osyn is a lady, a very cool one too who after introductions left and returned after our session was complete

See more of Charity
Meet Charity Love. Charity hails from Miami, Florida and was visiting the New York City area when I received an email from Brother Connor of Connor Coxxx models fame. It was my man, Connor who brought us sweet ass Savannah Fox. Anyways, it was time to lift my self imposed sabbatical and return to the lab and turn the lights back on at CLUBBUTTS so, I jumped at the chance to work with this out of town adult industry vet. Hey, I was even taken aback by the curvaceous rear, Charity showed up with. Enjoy!

See more of Mocha
Meet Mocha Menage. Straight from Milwaukee. Mocha was brought to us via my brother Trent over there at Chocolate Models. I say brother but dude is more like my father, much respect to him. Anyways, brother Trent sent me a DM on Twitter, informing me that Mocha Menage was in town, did I want to work with her? I googled her and replied sure thing. A day later, Mocha was at the Legendary CLUBBUTTS, ready to work, and she didn't have her boyfriend with her! A wonderful lady with a even greater smile.

See more of Brooklyn
Meet Brooklyn. Unfortunately, this sexy young lady is from the Bronx. I mean can you imagine all the fun I could have had if Brooklyn was from Brooklyn. Bummers. Anyways, Brother Block of BlockNoire orchestrated this session by doing all of the legwork, sending an email with pictures attached, inquiring about work at CLUBBUTTS and all follow up emails until the invitation was extended. Only if, they all went this smooth. As far as Brooklyn, she was extremely sexy, very professional and she was on time! Impressive.

Skylar Rae
See more of Skylar
Meet Skylar Rae. This sexy young lady calls New Jersey her home. We met and networked with each other on one of those talent sites, sending each other emails back and forth until we both were on the same page and then... an invitation was extended to the freshest site this side of Yonkers! That's right, the Legendary CLUBBUTTS Skylar made the journey to New York and was damn near sexually harassed by a few of the locals. I figured she had to be walking down Yonkers Av half naked. Wrong, just tight jeans.

See more of Monai
Meet Monai, Monai Maebach. This sexy young lady comes out of New Jersey and was brought to us by 3 people. Yeah, I got confused also. First, from them brothers over at Green Clover then from TJ of TSJ Media Group. TJ has them crazy graphic skills so, if you need a website design, go see Also, the pyrex -god was getting at me on Tumblr! As far as Monai, I was expecting Diva with a capital D, like I did with Savana Ginger. Wrong, again. What a doll and quite the professional! Enjoy!

See more of Eva
Meet Eva. This sexy young lady calls the Bronx her home and we welcome her, to the show that just keeps going, updating every week since 2004. Yes, another year goes by... Happy Birthday to CLUBBUTTS. Anyways, friends of both Harlem-ites, Minnie and Vicki. Eva was extended an invitation after Minnie presented pictures and placed her on speaker phone, where I can express what we do over here at CLUBBUTTS, what's to be expected and the importance of having 2 forms of IDs to work.

See more of Savannah
Meet Savana Ginger. This sexy Latina calls East L.A. her home. Yes, CLUBBUTTS gets and gives that California Love. Anyways, this sexy young lady is brought to us by brother Eddie Rich. Yes, the same Eddie rich that brought us Bethany Benz, Britney Stevens, Natalia & Penelope. When I sent my invitation, I figured a diva would be coming. I was very wrong. Savana was a doll, with a great smile and quite the professional. She was such a doll that after the flash was done. She let new talent, DJango have some.

The Butt
See more of The Butt
Meet The Butt. Now, meet her Butt! I had to see it for myself. I must admit, I was very much intrigued. I mean her back was waaay over there but her butt... Find her, I ordered and my folks was all up on it, setting traps to capture that butt that I described as magnifique'. Captured, as she entered the set known as the Home of the BIG Booty, I was taken aback, gasped even, as I beared witness to what just might be the 8th Wonder of the World! Behold, I say, to an ass of the extraordinary kind.

See more of Minnie 
Meet Minnie. Another sexy young lady from Harlem. Minnie is Vicki's BFF. That's how we network, we put your friends on. Well, Vicki enjoyed her stay at the Legendary CLUBBUTTS so much, that she insisted that Minnie voyaged up to Yonkers with her pretty smile and 2 forms of ID ( like Vicki, Minnie is 18 years old ). Minnie was full of enthusiasm and ready for work, once she started jumping on the bed, I regretted giving her all that candy. I'm kidding, folks. Minnie, like Vicki is good folks and well behaved.

See more of Vicki 
Meet Vicki. This sexy young lady hails from good old Harlem U.S.A. We ran into this fox on 125th Street and 8th Avenue/Frederick Douglass Blvd. She was talking about something. I must admit, I was taken aback on this new look of Harlem but when the light turned green, Vicki was set, she had a CLUBBUTTS business card and understood the rules and regulations of such. Vicki's a good girl, she called a few days later and we sent for her. Vicki brought her pretty smile, 2 forms of ID and we got straight to work.

See more of Valentina 
Meet Valentina Star. Valentina was the last fox, we shot while visiting Miami this go 'round. In fact, Valentina was apart of that early morning shoot. Weirdness. Yes, she came with Becca and went down for breakfast as Becca's shoot was in session. Afterwards, we paged the lovely Valentina up to our suite, as we said our g'byes to Ms. Diamond. Just like Becca, Valentina was overly energetic for it to still technically be the AM. Anyways, I had a blast in Miami and Becca and Valentina Star were more than dolls. Enjoy!

See more of Becca 
Meet Becca Diamond. This sexy young lady, of course, is from Miami. We scheduled this shoot for the morning. Unfortunately, I don't do mornings well. In fact, I truly believe mornings are for weirdoes. Although, my math says if I knock this shoot out, I have the entire afternoon to myself. That sounds good to me. Man, all I remember is concierge waking me up via a call, informing me that the sexy Becca Diamond was on her way up. I brokered an hour with Ms Diamond to get myself right and the set together

See more of Nena Linda
Meet Nena Linda. Yeah, CLUBBUTTS set up shop in Downtown Miami. Now, the last time I was down here, which wasn't too long ago, in fact when I shot the sexy Gulliana Alexis, Luna Star, Mae Olsen and Sasha Delavega. See, I wasn't suppose to shoot Sasha. That's right, the fine and equally talented Nena Linda was penciled in for that slot but for whatever reason the shoot fell apart at the last moment. Anyways, as soon as we touched down, Nena reached out and we definitely made room for her this trip around.

See more of Rachel Rose
Meet Rachel Rose. This sexy sweet thing is from Miami. That's riiiight, I'm back. Miami is my second home. I come down there with cameras in tow, some Heat tickets (Game 6, NBA Finals), my baby boo and my contacts. Unfortunately, I left behind my Legendary CLUBBUTTS tops back in Yonkers, sorry ladies. You know they be loving them CLUBBUTTS' tops. Anyways, Super Dave from ATM Management had the honeys ready. First up, the sexy Rachel Rose stopped by our set as we again, set up shop in downtown Miami

Ms Desire
See more of Ms Desire
Meet Ms Desire 101. This sexy young lady hails from A.T.L and was brought to us, by way of brother Ed Rich. The same brother that brought us Bethany Benz, Penny and Britney Stevens came through again. The brother doesn't even do that email stuff anymore, straight text, letting me know who's in town. I got the text about Ms Desire 101 and a few pictures sent to my phone and told dude to make it happen. A few days later, Ms Desire was knocking at my door ready to work. Hey, the young lady was hot and fun!

See more of Savannah
Meet Savannah Fox. You know once upon a time, I used to canvas the mean streets of New York on a mission, to find ladies to showcase their assets for the Legendary CLUBBUTTS. That was way back in 2003- 2004,and those were the days. Now a days. I get emails, text messages and calls when ladies come to town. That's right, I paid my dues! Anyways, I got a call saying NEW booty Savannah Fox was in town, did I want in. I said Shiiiiiiiiiiiit. Savannah was knocking at my door before I hung up the phone.

See more of Mazzaratie
Meet Mazzaratie Monica. This sexy big butt BBW with the pretty face was brought to us via a tweet from @kushafterdark on Twitter. The young man tweeted me saying, "check your email..." A few days went by (Hey, I'm a busy guy!) and I got around to checking my emails and low and behold it's Mazzaratie Monica and she's in NYC. Well, we got on the horn and text our way to bringing her to the Legendary CLUBBUTTS studio. Once she arrived, I must admit her butt was of the impressive kind. Enjoy!

See more of Trish
Meet Trish. I met this young cutie with the perfectly round little booty at the bus stop, suckering on a lollipop and once she got to pumping... I'm kidding. This is Trish from down the block. I ran into her at that salad bar place across from Bryant Park. We recognized one another and the small talk began. Somehow, the conversation shifted to butts (Hey, I'm shallow), then the conversation shifted to her butt then, of course it shifted to the Legendary CLUBBUTTS. An invitation was given, received and accepted.

See more of Bailey
Meet Bailey Body. Me and this wondrous lady connected via one of them modeling websites. I seen a few of her pictures and said, "Hmm, a female body builder?" then made arrangements by sending Bailey Body an "exclusive" invitation to Yonkers' own infamous CLUBBUTTS studio. We did a few back and forth emails and Bailey Body agreed to showcase them guns and all of her glory for our cameras. By the way, I lost count but I'm sure there's more than 200 models in the CLUBBUTTS' Members Area now! Enjoy!

Asia Zo
See more of Asia
Meet Asia Zo, another Asian cutie brought to us by the Legendary Amai Liu who also brought us the lovely, rounded bottom Asian Kimmy Kang. I guess it's safe to assume that Amai Liu is CLUBBUTTS Asian cutie hook up. Well, Amai sent us an email stating that Asia Zo is coming to town, would CLUBBUTTS be interested? I responded that we were interested and Amai brought the adorable Asia Zo to our office/studio and we went straight to work. We put the flash on her and let her venture into our famed closet.

See more of Addiction
Meet Addiction, this West Coaster was brought to us by way of our very own Monster Moe as we opt to call him or Moe "the Monster" Johnson as he is more familiar known. Brother Moe sent an email to CLUBBUTTS saying he knows of this young lady named Addiction from California visiting the New York City area looking for some work. I researched Addiction then asked Moe if he wanted to be the male talent which he quickly replied of course. We sent her an invitation put the flash on her then moved out of Moe's way.

See more of Sasha
Meet Sasha Delavega. The last of the sexys upon my stay in Miami. Man, it's winter and it's 80 degrees, this is not right! Anyways, Sasha was my midnight shoot. The amazing thing about shooting these ladies is figuring out their personalities. You must be the model whisper and get along with them all. So, initially Sasha appeared nervous. I automatically assumed she was new to the industry. So, I went straight to relax mode, get them to smile and laugh. Once they get to giggling... putty. Sasha was adorable

Luna Star
See more of Luna Star
Meet Luna Star. Yeah, I'm sure enjoying my time in Downtown Miami. I even managed to check a Heat game in the American Airlines Arena, right across the street. Afterwards, I was on the phone with Brother Dave from ATM Management A request was made for Luna Star. Luna was uber sexy. I mean her walk was sexy, her talk was sexy and her butt was of the magnificence kind. We donned her in a CLUBBUTTS top and went right to work. Lacking male talent in the Sunshine state, we sighed and passed her a toy.

Mae Olsen
See more of Mae Olsen
Meet Mae Olsen. Yes, the saga continues. Day two of the CLUBBUTTS road trip in Downtown Miami. Today's agenda features the young and adorable Mae who has that whole Amai Liu thing going for her. You know that whole barely legal look and at first glance, you may wonder. Rest assured though, I have two forms of ID that says Mae Olsen is a grown woman. Hey, she even drove herself to our location and arrived on time! Once she started acting professional, I was sold. She immediately became a favorite. I kids.

See more of Gulliana
Meet Gulliana Alexis. This cutie pie resides in Miami and was brought to us by Dave from ATM Management. You guys remember Dave from them Cynthia Bang & Jenny days. Dude is super official with the honeys. Anyways, I let Dave know CLUBBUTTS' was on its way down to Miami. This trip, I decided to take my talents to Downtown Miami instead of the familiar South Beach and set up shop near the American Airline Arena where the Heat play. Gulliana was first up to bat, to bless my temporary Miami set. Enjoy!


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